"He is a great editor, DP, and can handle any aspect of production.

The best word that describes patrick is 'reliable'."

-Nicolas nami, founder & ceo - nami pictures



Being behind the camera and creating amazing visuals through the lens is truly my passion. Whether it's in a studio, out in the desert at 100+ degrees or on a ship in -40 degrees, I have always found a way to push through the challenges and get that perfect shot to make any video project a home run. One of my greatest skills may be the ability to work under pressure, which is why I love the video industry and thrive.


Adobe Premiere and After Effects are what I spend most of my time when it comes to post production as well as the entire Adobe Creative Cloud. From 30 second viral videos, to short form commercials, long form infomercials and several documentaries under my belt, I have experienced just about every type of editing project.


Photography has been with me all my life, and I still remember my 110 film camera. But I really got interested in scenic photography in High School, when my dream was to work for National Geographic. Since then, I've taken classes and had almost 20 years of experience with lighting and composition, but also Photoshop skills to perfect those stills.

Artistic scenic shots may still be my favorite, but I have had years of experience with lifestyle and product shots, as well as weddings and events. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but that one photo can be priceless.

"Pat was a content producing machine, capable of producing amazing amounts of quality output on short deadlines."

Kieran Farr, CEO & Founder - Vidcaster


Director of Photography | Editor | Photographer


I have been working in video production since 2002, and in Southern California since 2006. Having experienced almost every aspect of production, I have worked on everything from low budget local videos to nationwide commercials to an internationally filmed and distributed documentary feature film.


My passion in life is Video Production, whether it is directing talent, running a camera or at my editing suite. I love to collaborate with like minded, hard working and talented people. Not only have I worked in almost every aspect of video production, but I have also worked in some of the most grueling environments all over the world. Live video events are another aspect of the industry I have fallen in love with in the past few years.



• Sony FS7 4K Production Camera

• LED & Softbox Lighting kits

• Jib, Slider & Dolly

• Lavalier & Shotgun Mic kits

• DJI Mavic Pro Drone & GoPro



• Nike

• Sharper Image

• FAO Schwarz

• Hollywood Weapons

• OC Business Journal

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