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"He is a great editor, DP, and can handle any aspect of production.

The best word that describes patrick is 'reliable'."

-Nicolas nami, founder & ceo - nami pictures



I really got involved in video production about 15 years ago, working at my university TV station. Since then, I have honed and improved my skills and experience on an almost daily basis. Besides filming on location or in studio, I have also managed a live weekly news show and am very familiar with the Newtek Tricaster. I have my own cameras, lenses, lighting, and green screen kit and have a few great rental houses I use regularly.


Currently, I am a big fan of Adobe Creative Cloud package and this is my choice for all post jobs, but I am also very familiar with Final Cut 7/X, Avid, and Cinema 4D. I have edited 30 second broadcast spots, to 30 minute show pilots, and even a 2 hour documentary film. I have my own personal editing suite that I can work locally or remotely. I work on Mac OSX but I also have the option to work off Windows based projects as well.


Photography has been with me all my life, and I still remember my 110 film camera. But I really got interested in scenic photography in High School, when my dream was to work for National Geographic. Since then, I've taken classes and had almost 20 years of experience with lighting and composition, but also Photoshop skills to perfect those stills.

Artistic scenic shots may still be my favorite, but I have had years of experience with lifestyle and product shots, as well as weddings and events. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but that one photo can be priceless.

"Pat was a content producing machine, capable of producing amazing amounts of quality output on short deadlines."

Kieran Farr, CEO & Founder - Vidcaster


Born and raised in Indiana, I grew up on the 80's and 90's Action/Adventure blockbusters, and always dreamed of being a director. Spielberg was my idol and I spent my days coming up with plots and scenes I would put in a movie, or add to some of my favorites. I also loved traveling with my camera always at my side, taking stills wherever I went. Once I got to college, I really got to create the ideas I had in the back of head with access to studios, pro video equipment and editing suites.


I was brought up being on time and professional, but have always been the type of guy to voice my ideas and opinions in a beneficial way. Many of my colleagues and clients in the past have called me a "jack of all trades" with my ability to do it all in a timely and professional manner. Photography and web design are also a few of my hobbies, but my true passion is video.


Working in the Film industry in Southern California since 2006, I have worked on small budget web commercials all the way to full length feature documentaries and everything in between. From working locally, to South America, Europe, and on a ship in the Arctic Ocean, travel has always been as much of a passion as film to me. Whether it's a quick turnaround, a full fledged production, there is no project too big or small. if I had to describe some of my best traits, as one of my clients mentioned to  me once, "You've always had a high integrity and always reliable to count on for any project" - Zachary Nevel, Indie A&R Entertainment.

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