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war, genocide, racism & mass murder are preventable

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A WOrld Understood

A World Understood is a weekly TV Talk Show with guests from around the world, including criminal profilers along with "on the scene" international correspondents.


The Pilot Episode begins with a postmortem examination of the 20th century, where within the span of just over one hundred years, countries fought against, witnessed, or participated in the mass murder and genocide of 10's of millions of innocent people. Crimes of the sort, and of the magnitude that have never been seen before in human history.


Subsequent Talk Show episodes link bloody historic events of the past to present day America. Showing viewers that the United States could be drifting into yet another Civil War, as well as World War 3. Historical references supply the answers and actions needed to STOP the arrival of another human catastrophe.


The Life Saving Riddle:

The GREATEST LIE ever told in human history, was to be combined with just ONE WORD, the combination of the LIE and the WORD were used to justify Mass Murder and Genocide of a sort NEVER seen on the face of this Earth. What was the LIE, what was the WORD ??


- John Thomas


Ps: Not knowing the answer to this riddle cost millions of people their lives the world over. Solving this Riddle could save millions of lives.

How is it that you don't even know the name of the American President that believes in the LIE ??

meet john thomas

John Thomas is a combination of a real life Forest Gump and My Favorite Martian (antenna included) who hears what everyone else hears, but finds important and alternative meanings.


Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Genocide Prevention Specialist

Producer/Host John Thomas


College Drop Out, Award Winning Documentary Film Maker, Investigative Journalist, Speaks 5 European Languages, Worked Independently in 9 Western European Countries, Worked Independently in 8 Former Eastern Block European Countries, Auto Safety-Pollution Control Expert, Mountain Climber (above 19,000 Feet), Car and Motor Cycle Racer, Licensed Scuba Diver, Mechanical Engineer - Fabricator - Welder, Real Estate Finance Expert, Construction Company Owner, Exporter of American Watercraft and Offshore Boats, Vocalist, Ran with the Bulls of Pamplona Spain, Classic Car Restoration Expert, NBA Summer League Basketball Head Coach, Like Lawrence of Arabia - Lived with Desert Bedouins (United Arab Emirates), Licensed Gold Miner and Prospector in Alaska, Oregon, Arizona, and Nicaragua.



Rüsselsheim, Germany

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