What Does John Thomas Schuesler Stand for?

As a Congressional Candidate, John Thomas Schuesler supports and opposes the following:




I AM FOR: Preventing any upcoming Civil War between our rational and reasonable American Citizens, those still capable of civility, reasoning and debate. I AM AGAINST: Socialists-Communists, the Progressive Leftists, Antifa, Progressive Racism, Progressive Bigotry, the KKK, Skinheads, White Nationalists, and Anti-Semitism. All such groups are either ignorant of what they are doing, or simply lost and hate-filled individuals, lost to the world, never knowing that they are simply pawns in a much larger game of self destruction. AKA: V. Lenin’s “useful idiots”



I AM FOR: A Color Blind Society. MLK’S movement was successful because it hinged on “love” and Biblical principles to achieve monumental change in the America. I am for dialogue that acknowledges that any person, no matter the color of their skin, is capable of racism. That we should treat each other with honor and respect no matter the color of a persons skin.


We shall not allow the Marxism Cult of hatred into American education, or the use of Progressive Racism to purposely turn us into tribes of color and conflict, with the intent to separate Americans instead of unify us as one nation, their purpose is to bring bloody Revolution.



I AM FOR: Free Speech, and it MUST be preserved throughout this nation; Federal Funding MUST be pulled from any educational institution which prohibits and impedes Free Speech on Campus. As President Ronald Reagan once said: "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction".



I AM FOR: Our wise Founding Fathers, that gave us the Constitutional right to bear arms, that right "shall not be infringed" as our wise Founders knew from their tyrannical British experience which led to American Independence. Americans have the right to protect themselves and family from harm. Today, those threats haven’t changed at all.





I AM FOR: The cleanest air, water and food that this country can supply to each and every one of us, but I don’t want the Germans, French and European Union telling us how to go about it, and in the process purposely generating hatred towards Americans in an effort to soothe their sense of impotence and inferiority.


I AM AGAINST: The Global Warming-Climate Change fraud, which originated in the 90s, by the German Greens, the European Union. With the Cold War over, the Europeans are once again telling our nation what to do. This time it’s not King George the III, but Karl Marx and the use of Marxist environmentalism. We fought a War of Independence not so long ago to liberate us from European rule, and now we’re surrendering our sovereignty to a bunch of jealous and envious Europeans? European Socialist jealousy and envy are the motivation behind the Green Global Warming movement.


While Republicans and President Trump have not surrendered, our American Democratic Party has surrendered to the Germans, European Union, and the United Nations. The "New Green Deal" that Democrats are pushing in America is a total economic Marxist take-over and wealth re-distribution of the entire American economy and society, where we'll all return to the Stone Age to save the planet and let the Neo-Pagans of Environmentalism tell us what to do and how to live.


This Marxist Green Environmental hoax blames the United States for destroying the environment and pushing us toward extinction, while at the same time allowing the Chinese, Russians, and other nations to pollute the land, sea, and air to their hearts content. It is common knowledge that China burns more dirty coal to fuel it’s economy than all other nations combined!!


Now one Green European Environmentalist in Sweden is promising to save the world by turning us into cannibals, while at the same time little Greta Thunberg says that “we will make sure we put world leader against the wall” if Global Warming isn’t dealt with. It is truly amazing!! From my perspective, the Environmentalists are abusing anyone at the age of 16 that is already hindered by a mental disorder.



I AM AGAINST: All forms of Cult Marxism, Leftism-Socialism-Communism which use the emotions of jealousy, envy and hatred to oppress dreams, kill inspirations, render good people self doubting slaves, dependent on the government for a hand out just to survive.


At its very inception the Cult of Socialist-Communist Utopianism promised its followers the Garden of Eden, Utopia. In the real world, application of such cult worship has provide us with genocidal - mass murdering monsters that delivered to us all the Hell on Earth experience. Millions upon millions of innocent people have passed before their time because of this Godless European nightmare.


I AM FOR: Our modern Win-Win Capitalistic society where everyone is provided the tools and opportunity to work their way towards fulfilling their own individual version of the American Dream. Where we, as individuals, continue to see success by other people as an inspiration, as a blueprint for us to follow and succeed in life. In contrast, Socialists see personal success as a reason, as justification, to actually take away anything that you have earned by your personal hard work and ethic accomplishments.



I AM FOR: Legal immigration and assimilation. I AM AGAINST: Illegal Immigration as it harms American Citizens, no matter their color or ethnicity. While Democrats stoop to the lowest possible levels to attract votes, there are far more sinister actors and motives at play. This is a matter that I will discuss in more detail at a later date.


I AM AGAINST: Socialist Democrats that not only want to buy votes through racist Identity Politics, but are also looking to overwhelm our immigration system in an effort to bring about Revolution in this country.



I AM AGAINST: The continued disrespect and abuse of Veterans who have risked their lives to secure our Nation. This disrespect is an ongoing occurrence in American University classrooms today!


I AM FOR: Providing unending support to Veterans in the areas of financial aide, emotional care and stability, healthcare, housing and job opportunities. The elevated suicide rates amongst our service men and women tells me that our current efforts are simply NOT enough!!



I AM FOR: Supporting the efforts of these brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep our cities and our Nation safe. The level of hatred that our first responders face is horrific and unjustifiable.



I AM FOR: Admitting to ourselves that providing food, a temporary place to stay, a shower and a new change of clothing isn’t going to solve the homeless problem for those poor souls that have mentally and physically passed the point of no return. Housing them in a box and throwing away the key is neither success nor a solution.


I AM FOR: Creating family and community resource and assistance programs, which are to be TESTED first, as a small-scale prototype, where the RESULTS determine what course of action to follow once a non-bias review process is completed. I know enough about this world to state, that no one has all the answers to any challenges such as this, so let’s get together in some manner and share ideas and options.


I AM AGAINST: Throwing away billions of taxpayer dollars to artificially resolve the plight of our homeless, where special interest groups and government organizations profit but at a later date show no substantive, sustainable, results or improvements. In a worst-case scenario they have created another enormous crime infested housing complex.

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