VOTERS will find a good amount of "Pen to Paper" digital screaming on this website, as if a family member was about to be hit by a car. This Candidate is screaming to protect all Americans and their children affected by this educational crisis at hand.












Civil War is coming once again to the United States of America. This war will not be about the abolition of Slavery, but the forcible imposition of slavery upon the American people in the form of Marxist Socialism.


When the first bullets fly, when the hatred and justification to harm are traced back to the beginning, you’ll see that the Revolution began with the Marxist education of our youngest, K-12 children.


The Leftist Cult of Socialism has always functioned by igniting the latent emotions of jealousy and envy in people, leading to hatred and the perverse justification to kill.


At this very moment, in schools across California, the Socialist sickness of “Progressive Racism” is being injected into the innocent minds of our youngest school children. Our children of color are now given justification to hate their white classmates. The trigger of hatred, the great lie being taught, is that white children are “oppressing” children of color. The seed of hatred, and justification to harm, has been planted.


For over 100 years now, the Marxist use of the word “oppression” has always justified mass-murder of the innocent around the globe. Eventually these same Socialist values will get around to harming our fellow Jewish American citizens. None of this can ever be allowed in our United States of America.


Act now, elect a problem-solving Congressman with vision, that has always lived the obtainable “Dream” of Martin Luther King – Judge not by the color of ones skin, but by the content of ones character.






Socialist Identity Politics is when one group of people formulates a plan (like a new school curriculum) designed to justify the hatred and harm to another group of people.


Historically, Identity Politics led to the Genocide of Jewish people by the likes of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party. In Africa, the Rwandan Genocide pitted the Hutu tribe against the Tutsi people. In the span of only 3 months nearly one million innocent Tutsi men, women, and children would loose their lives. The Cambodian Genocide, led by the Marxist Socialist teachings of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge, led to the death of what is estimated to be, at least one third of the population, between one to two millions people murdered en-mass because of their professional identity.


For a number of good reasons we don't allow the genocidal Identity Politics of the Socialist Nazi Cult into our school systems, then why should we allow the mass murdering Identity Politics of Lenin's Soviet Socialists or Pol Pot Cambodian Socialism, which are both rooted within the Marxist Cult, into the American class room today?


From 2015 through 2019, there were 250 life threatening injuries, combined with a total of 106 deaths of children and young adults that were simply trying to attend Grade School or High Schools in the United States. We don’t need to give our children additional Marxist and Socialist reasons to kill one and other.




“To fight that which is Evil, one must first be able to identify the Evil”


I have personally spoken to a number of teachers, who are genuinely ashamed of what they are obligated to teach in the classrooms now days. Most of them don’t even know about this latest and most dangerous volley of educational insanity aimed at our children.


If we can wakeup our community and work together we can put a stop to this educational madness and keep the cancer of Marxist Socialism out of the innocent minds of our children.


Remember WE have control and WE can start like this:


  • Lets hold our own town hall meeting
  • Sign petitions notifying school board members that WE do not want our taxpayer dollars funding RACIST and IDENTITY POLITIC educational programs
  • Request that elected school board members sign and document their promise NOT to allow RACIST and IDENTITY POLITIC educational programs into the school district
  • We can lead an American movement of harmony and stop taxpayer funding, at local, statewide, and national levels that promote this sort of Genocidal Marxist Industrial Complex of Education.


Lets work together, and make some beautiful history!!




Regarding the content and context of my Congressional Candidate’s Statement, which appears above, and in the Voter Information Guide, I would like to clarify the following:


That I have made mention of an upcoming “Civil War” coupled to “Revolution” coupled to death of the innocent people in the future. With respect to this Statement, I can say without any hesitation, that there is no one on the face of this earth that hopes to be wrong more than I do.


On the other hand, if one simply takes a quick glance at our not so distant national history, along with a review of human nature and common sense, then you might find yourself on my side and acknowledging the validity of this Statement.


Historically, there is a real basis for concern, and my “Call to Action” candidacy will put a stop to the madness of “Cultural Marxism” that demands violence and Revolution in our community and schools, but I will need your support.


Back in the 60s and 70s, we had domestic American Terrorists; they became convicted criminals and murders. Most of the Terrorists received their Marxist indoctrination; justification to commit acts of terror and kill, at the University levels. This is no secret to anyone, as it is historic fact. Now at this very moment, we allow the same Marxist indoctrination, not just at the University levels, but also in grades K-12? Are we out of our minds!!


PAST: Time Magazine article from 2016


At ages where our young children are at their most innocent, vulnerable and impressionable, we as a community are allowing these precious young souls to be exposed to, and triggered by, the same hatred driven Marxist cult teachings that killed handfuls of innocent people, both in America and Western Europe in the 60s, and killed millions of people under Socialist and Communist monsters around the globe since the Russian Revolution. What are the rational people suppose to conclude? Why are we allowing this to happen? Won’t you join me in this journey to scream from the tallest mountaintop that we must stop this insanity!! This is why I am running for Congress.


In addition, there are very few people, which I speak with on a daily basis, that do NOT believe that we are already in a “COLD” Civil War at this very moment in time. They constantly remind me, in person and online, that when the “HOT” Civil War starts they are going to be ready. Stating that they have their guns and that no tyrannical government - nobody – no way – is anyone going to take their guns without a fight. My question to them is this, WHY do we have to allow this country and events within our great nation to get to the point where citizens even have to consider using their guns at all?


If my Candidate’s Statement serves as a “Wake Up Call” for our Congressional District and the rest of our nation, if my fellow citizens that have yet to conceive what has been deceitfully taking place under our collective noses, just outside our District, if we now act together and stop this education hatred, which has its roots in Marxist Socialism, which has already traumatized and emotionally harmed K-12 students within the Santa Barbara Unified School District, and has led to the filing of a lawsuit, then I will consider my candidacy and my efforts as a job well done.


PRESENT: California Parents’ Lawsuit To Block Racist, ‘Social Justice’ Agenda On Children Instruction In Santa Barbara Schools Moves Forward


Furthermore, when we are able to break away from this new progressive, historically murderous and perverse teaching of hatred in the classroom, and change course, change our compass heading in the direction of Martin Luther King’s “Dream” where people “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” then we can all join together with our children in celebration.


All Americans, of any and all political parties need to stand together now and put a STOP to this tragedy!! No Mother or Father sends their child to school, hoping that the teacher turns their loved one into a racist or a terrorist. Where are all those rational and responsible teachers and administrators in all of this? Do they want Marxist blood on their hands? I don’t think so, and I am sure that they will stand with us.


As an optimist, I know very well that we can make the difference, we can turn this around and we can elect John Thomas Schuesler to Congress in our 48th District, for our children and our future.


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Politically, it all begins with the French Revolution and its cult worship of Reason and some unidentified Supreme Being. Then came the German Prophet, Karl Marx, he was next in line to further the progressive cult worship of mankind, under the guise of science; producing men that would become genocidal mass murders. These Leaders promised the Cult Worshipers a new world, known as Utopia, or Heaven on Earth. The single greatest lie ever told on the face of this earth.


Today those same degenerate Marxist motivational principles of jealousy, envy and hate are wreaking havoc in the K-12 school systems, on the college campus, mainstream media, Hollywood and the “New Green Deal” Democratic Party in its attempt to take over the nation’s economy, not promising Heaven on Earth, but to save Planet Earth. The Marxist methodology hasn’t changed; they’ve just relabeled the message. In what is now called a “Post Christian World” mankind has just completed the circle, people are back to worshiping Mother Earth, plants and animals.




German Marxist Principles vs. American Founder Principles


The world we live in is really quite simple, because human beings are not so complicated after all. What sort of world might you like to live in, the world of Marxism or that world made possible by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution?


Two parents bring their toddlers to the park, and leave them alone to play in the sandbox. One of them has a plastic shovel and pale to play with, the other child brought nothing to play with. Eventually the child that came with no toys, becomes filled with jealousy and envy, and physically takes the pale and shovel away from the other child.


In the mind of a traditional American parent, theft of the pale and shovel was wrong. In the mind of the Marxist parent confiscation of the pale and shovel was justified because it was done in the name of equality.


Never in the history of mankind have so many innocent people died due to the Socialist perversion of the word know as “Equality” and the lie that Marxism, Leftism, Socialism and Communism are going to bring us all Heaven on Earth.


In 1846 Moses Hess wrote “A Communist Confession of Faith” stating that:

“The Christian…imagines the better future of the human species… in the image of Heavenly joy…We, on the other hand, will have this heaven on earth.”


The belief that humans can be “perfected” and that “Heaven on Earth” is just around the corner, is still with us today and could ONLY exist because we gave up our educational system to the LUNITICS of higher learning.




Karl Marx clearly stated that Socialism and Communism were the scientific replacement of Biblical Judeo-Christian values with his ideas, which would lead us to Heaven on Earth, Utopia. Where Jealousy, Envy and Hatred coupled to Revolutionary mass murder and genocide are the tools to be used to get us to the promise land.


Karl Marx and his book of Cult Worship, AKA: the Communist Manifesto can best be seen as a GPS tool or a roadmap to the Heaven on Earth destination for all of mankind. If we all get on the highway and follow the GPS directions toward Utopia, we are now allowed to bring about Civil War, Revolution, and the killing of millions on the way, prior to arriving at our first stop called the city of Socialism.


There at the town hall of Socialism, the government owns and controls everything. Disciples of Marxism become God, telling the common man what is best for them, just like Xi, the President of Communist China does today.


This Marxist Cult of insanity, as we all know, turned out to be an abject failure around the world, no nation ever arrived at the town of Communism, let alone Utopia.


  • Having lived and worked among those good and innocent people forced to eke out an existence, just trying to survive behind the Socialist Iron Curtain, I began to empathize with those mentally and emotionally crippled by Socialism. Today our Democrat Party is calling for a Socialist Revolution in America, and I know full well that a Marxist Revolution will bring bloodshed and ruin to our United States of America.


Why run for Congress? Because I sincerely believe that our nation is headed towards another Civil War. The Democratic Party, with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, the Squad (Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Pressley,Omar) and others, have finally come out of the closet and have PUBLICLY called for a Socialist Revolution at their own Campaign rallies!!


As a documentary filmmaker, who has independently studied the roots of Leftism, and murderous Marxist Socialism, as someone who now knows that "Anti-Americanism" and “American self-hatred” are rooted in today’s Cult of Marxism, I also know that I must do something for my country.


If Americans only knew how much they should love themselves, and each other, love their nation and the American people for all the good we do around the world, for ourselves, and for other countries.


Instead we hate each other, primarily because we do not yet comprehend Cultural Marxism, Leftism, and Socialism, which by design demands the ruin of our great nation. Neither do we understand the Anti-American hatred behind the Leftist German Green Party – Global Warming and the Kyoto Protocol, or the Socialist French neurosis and hatred of America, behind the call for a Multipolar world after the fall of Soviet Socialism.


How can we make wise decisions if we do NOT fully understand the world we’re living in? Our collective knowledge deficit is the fault of the Democratic Party, Socialist educators, and the Leftist mainstream media within our own country. This is something we must remedy for our own personal prosperity and the survival of our nation.


There is great irony in all of this, as Bernie Sanders the Socialist, wants America to be like Socialist Scandinavia and Western Europe. On the other hand President Donald J. Trump already knows that the United States subsidizes the very existence of Socialist Europe and the Socialist programs that Sanders now wants to replicate in the US. The American Left wants us to become that which couldn’t exist if Americans didn’t subsidize the existence of Western Europe.


The prosperity and very existence of Europe depends on the NATO umbrella, which depends on American taxpayer dollars. Our Socialist European allies have played the Americans like fools for decades now, and finally we have a President, a President named Donald J. Trump, who has the courage to call out the European freeloaders.


Socialism is a definable form of cult worship that limits prosperity of people around the globe. The good news is that Socialism, in all of its seductive cultural and political forms is very easy to understand once you get the hang of it. Once people comprehend the evil emotional poisons used to motivate and deceive people we will collectively chart a heading toward a better world that can include all Americans.


What good, individually or collectively, ever came from a cult or political system where the very existence of the person, or of a government, is dependent on the emotions of jealousy, envy and hatred to survive? The Cult of Marxist Socialism would never exist without hatred.


Conversely, the Founders of this great nation had another vision of prosperity, as put forth in our Declaration of Independence. This uniquely American vision of the future is why the United States today is the envy of the world. As your Congressman in the 48th District, I will use my voice to educate, re-establish and fortify our uplifting American values. This is also why I am respectfully running for Congress.


As a Congressional Candidate, John Thomas Schuesler supports and opposes the following:




  • Education: We must eliminate the degenerate German Marxist ideology from our school systems and empower our youth with American educational values that allow our children and young adults to dream and accomplish without feeling Socialist guilt for having succeeded.
  • Taxes: Taxation of our citizens is simply out of control and needs to be reduced, not increased.
  • Sanctuary State and Cities: State and Local Governments that have declared themselves as "Sanctuary" for Illegal Immigration are immoral and breaking the law.
  • Harley Rouda: Congressman Rouda is simply a robotic Democratic Party talking head. As a Dem-Bot he simply mimics the party line, without an independent thought anywhere in site. Calling for the unjustified, hyper-partisan, impeachment of our President Donald J. Trump and taking up the banner of the Socialist German Green Party and the Global Warming-Climate Change radicals.
  • HOMELESS CRISIS: First and Foremost, we must legally and forcibly remove the homeless and drug users from any and all playground and child friendly locations within our district (Drug Paraphernalia, Syringes, Bodily Waste and Users on a Trip are a great danger to our children). Click Here To Read More




  • CIVIL WAR: The denigrate German Marxist ideology of Socialism and Communism demand Civil War and Revolution. Demands that humans use the emotions Jealousy and Envy to force us into a perverse world of Equality. I am against such forms of Cult Worship. Click Here To Read More
  • RACISM: The cancer of Racism does NOT know the color of your skin, therefore anyone and everyone is capable of being a Racist. Click Here To Read More
  • FIRST AMENDMENT: Freedom of Speech: Must be protected in all arenas of public life, on the streets, campus, online. Click Here To Read More
  • SECOND AMENDMENT: Right to Bear Arms: The right to self protection must be preserved. Click Here To Read More
  • ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Must be stopped. Click Here To Read More
  • VETERANS: We must do more for those brave and wonderful men and women that protect our country. The suicide rates amongst our Veterans is far too high and something must be done about it. Click Here To Read More
  • POLICE, FIREFIGHTERS, ICE, BOARDER PATROL: I AM FOR: Supporting the efforts of these brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep our cities and our Nation safe. The level of hatred that our first responders face is horrific and unjustifiable.




  • GLOBAL WARMING - CLIMATE CHANGE: I AM FOR: The cleanest air, water and food that this country can supply to each and every one of us, but I don’t want the Germans, French and European Union telling us how to go about it, and in the process purposely generating hatred towards Americans in an effort to soothe their sense of impotence and inferiority. Click Here To Read More
  • SOCIALISM v. CAPITALISM: I AM AGAINST: All forms of Cult Marxism, Leftism-Socialism-Communism which use the emotions of jealousy, envy and hatred to oppress dreams, kill inspirations, render good people into self doubting slaves, dependent of the government for a hand out just to survive. Click Here To Read More



JOHN THOMAS SCHUESLER is someone who, beginning at the age of 19, began making so many transatlantic flights to Europe, that he had to postpone his college education and never looked back. As a debt free individual, combined with the soul of a hard working Mid-Western American, young JOHN THOMAS began to follow his interests and passions around much of the world. Financial freedom allowed him to live the "American Dream” even in his teenage years.


Today, JOHN THOMAS is a successful and highly diversified, global problem solving Entrepreneur. His professional business skill set ranges from Italian Ferrari exports, to fingernail file imports into Poland and Latvia. Domestically, JOHN THOMAS is currently the CEO of a Real Estate Finance Corporation. Previously, he was an Importer of Sport and Racing automobiles; an Exporter of American made watercraft and offshore boats; a DOT Auto Safety & EPA Pollution control expert; combined with Classic Car Restoration; Auto Mechanic & Auto Body Paint; Mechanical Engineer, Fabricator, Welder; and the owner of a Construction Company.


When JOHN THOMAS SCHUESLER speaks about the dangers of Socialism seeping into our America like toxic waste, it is not because of some dishonest textbook indoctrination from some Leftist intellectual, or some fanciful understanding of esoteric concepts he learned from an agenda-driven college professor. Rather, it emanates from his deep personal curiosity and from his real life, hands-on experiences and observations. JOHN THOMAS has actually seen the results and remains of the murderous Cult of Socialism and Communism in action. He has worked independently in nine Socialist Western European Countries and in eight Communist Eastern Block European Countries. His wife was born behind the Iron Curtain; they’ve been happily married for over twenty years and have four lovely children to boot.


JOHN THOMAS also lived like Lawrence of Arabia for a time, with desert Bedouins in the United Arab Emirates. He is an Award winning Documentary Film Maker; an Investigative Journalist (interviewing the likes of French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine, Holocaust Survivor - Political Commentator Wolf Biermann, American Journalist – Author Kenneth Timmerman); he was even the Head Basketball Coach in the (Pre-NBA) Summer Pro League Tournament; he is a Mountain Climber (above 19,000 feet); an Automobile and Motor Cycle Racer; a Licensed Scuba Diver; a Vocalist; and a Licensed Gold Miner in Alaska, Oregon, Arizona and Nicaragua. He also ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain -- and he speaks five languages.


For me the American Dream has been a great blessing, PLEASE help me pass the Dream on to our children, help me turn our educational system into the Dream Factory. Imagine, our children off their cell phones long enough to experience the Artisan Education of Dream It, Think It, Do It!!




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